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Marina Belan is a freelance editor and colorist as well as a DaVinci Resolve Certified Trainer, specializing in editing and color grading. She graduated in Video production at the MPA Academy in Zagreb.

She also owns a Master's degree in Music Arts, with fourteen years of teaching experience which she enthusiastically transferred into post-production education.

We can tailor the lessons to best fit your needs, current knowledge level, and final goals. We can offer an Introductory course where we'll go over the basics of all the DaVinci Resolve pages: Media, Cut, Edit, Fusion, Color, Fairlight, and Delivery.

After that we can dive into each of the pages in more detail and explore the full potential of this powerful software. With each course you'll get the necessary media and guidebook that will make your learning process simple and easy.

After we've covered the technical details of editing, we can go into the philosophy of editing and explore how we can use these tools for creative purposes.

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